Ayurveda Practitioners and Hospitals today require an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that establish Ayurveda as leader in the alternative medicine field. You need a hospital management software for Ayurveda that comes with powerful features and provides seamless experience across three P's of healthcare - Patient,Process and Performance.

"AyurEHR is a Cloud-based hospital management software for Ayurveda. Digitize each patient's healthcare experience using Ayurveda Software that is specifically designed for Ayurveda Clinics and hospitals.

AyurEHR makes it easier for patient to engage with Ayurveda doctors, Panchakarma specialists,Therapists, Nurses, Billing, Pharmacy,Lab and Bhaishajya Kalpana departments, thereby strengthening patient loyalty and increase patient satisfaction.

With its integrated workflow based solutions in OP,IP and Day care, AyurEHR enables use of Ayurveda principles in context with patient's electronic health information such as Patient history, Ayurveda Examination, Diagnosis, Lab results, Panchakarma Therapies, Diet and Medicines. 


Powerful and Integrated Features

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With AyurEHR Integrated and powerful features, automate Ordering, Billing, and Fulfillment of clinical and non-clinical services in just a few clicks.

Clinical Documentation made Easy

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AyurEHR Case Sheet is simple, intuitive and template driven, thus enabling you to spend more time with your patient and less on System.

Any Time, Any Where Access

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AyurEHR's cloud-based solution helps you to access it from anywhere and at any time. You can also manage multiple locations of your clinic on the go.

Patient Management

AyurEHR Patient Management is well integrated with Hospital Management suite of products for Patient Registration, Doctor Appointments, Health Records, Billing and Users Management

Case Management

AyurEHR Patient Case Management for Ayurveda, allows practitioners to record patient medical history, examinations including Dashvidha Pareeksha and Sarva Srotopareeksha. Once the Case Records are created, they are accessible on the Internet anytime anywhere. Specially designed for Ayurvedic practitioners, application is very easy to use with clear visibility of different parts of the Case Record and ability to easily plan customised therapies of each patient. Ayurvedic Hospitals can also create templates for both medicine prescriptions and therapies unique to their practice to make their work simpler.

Therapy Scheduling

Scheduling of Ayurvedic therapies is quite complex. A well organised Ayurvedic centre invests a lot of time and effort to ensure that their resources are optimally used. eRx's Ayurvedic Therapy Solution does exactly that. The system provides very intuitive user interfaces to be used by your Front Office staff, and help them schedule therapy sessions for patients, while taking into account availability of therapists and rooms at the time they are needed by patients.

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