As an owner of Panchakarma center or department, you manage a suite of Therapy rooms that are costly to operate and are in high demand by patients or customers.Inaccurately scheduled cases impact on-time start of therapies, resource utilization, turnover times of therapy rooms and most importantly patient satisfaction

Scheduling Panchakarma Therapy made Simpler

In order to meet demand for Therapy rooms and Therapist in a cost-effective manner and to ensure high-quality and safe patient care, you need a software system for Panchakarma. Software that makes it easy for you to plan and examine how accurately therapies are scheduled and how efficiently resources in Therapy rooms are utilized.

AyurEHR Therapy Scheduling Software enables you to visualize and plan therapy in therapy rooms in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

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Benefits of using Therapy management software

Maximize utilization of therapy rooms and therapists

Improve the accuracy of scheduled Therapy by ensuring all the required resources are in the right place at the right time. Monitor the scheduling of therapists and the time it takes to reset the therapy room between cases to identify opportunities for improvement.

Minimize wastage of Therapy Medicines and consumables

Tracking consumption of medicines and consumables in Panchakarma software signifies that your team can keep checks on how they are utilizing medicines for each Therapy. It also means that you can keep a close eye on the movement of inventory in pharmacy and panchakarma stores.


How AyurEHR Therapy Scheduling Software works?

AyurEHR Therapy Scheduling software is fully integrated with eRx Hospital Management modules. Therefore, you get an integrated suite of software solutions for Patient Registration, Ordering, Scheduling, Billing and Invoicing.

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